Our Story

The Well is a church that focuses on three different things: teaching people to LOVE God and LOVE others as Christ loves us. We want everyone to GROW in their relationship with God and become a true disciple. We believe that relationships are what makes the difference. When you grow, you not only find your place in the church, but your purpose in life. And we also believe that we should SERVE others. Christ was our example for this. Too many times we focus on self instead of the needs of others. The world needs to know they are loved, a place for them to grow, and together we can serve others.


Rev. J W Leatherwood to set up a tent on West Poplar Street to start a revival. It lasted 8 weeks. Many souls were saved. At the end of the revival, people were eager to organize a Church of God in Pulaski, TN. Rev Leatherwood stayed in Giles County and became the first pastor of the Church of God in Pulaski. The church was officially organized with 28 Charter members.



The church purchased property on West Shoal Street where the building church would remain until 2005. The name of the church became the Shoal Street Church of God.


Rev. Howard Wright pastored the church From 2002 to 2007. During his pastorate at the church, the church purchased the 12 acres on Kay Drive. Bro. Wright’s leadership is still felt today as he is a part of the congregation providing, wisdom and accountability to the church.


On May 1, 2005 the church held a groundbreaking ceremony and dedicated the property. The new church was built and on November 20, 2005, the church held their first church service in the new building.

Under the leadership of Rev. Robbie Crisp the church voted to change the name from the Pulaski Church of God to “The Well.”


Now under the leadership of Jesus, the church has a desire to reach Giles County with a place to Love, Grow, and experience a real relationship with Jesus Christ. We truly believe that the best is yet to come and invite each of you to come and worship with us this week. We want you to find your place at The Well.

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