We can't wait to see you!

We are so excited to be  back inside our beautiful building, and seeing all of our amazing church family back together.
However, we want to take all safety precautions necessary for keeping all of us protected during this time. At The Well, we want to use wisdom; as well as follow all local, state, and federal mandates.
On this page, you can find all available guidelines/protocols for how we will be working our way back to "church as normal" inside the building.

We ask that everyone be patient with us, and to remember that this COVID-19 situation remains very fluid, and plans can change rather quickly.

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The Well COVID-19 Phase in Guidelines and Considerations
 Intro: We cannot and must not be in a “RUSH” to get back into the building. We must exercise due-diligence, caution, wisdom, and be flexible! Online Church is not going away, ever, and Drive-in Church was/is a massive success.
Governor Lee is going to be giving further guidance on Places of Worship later this week.

 We MUST ask, “What next and what now?” We MUST: re-evaluate, reassess, and reset
We MUST think, to a degree, of “Relaunch.” We MUST think “Phases/Phase.’
We MUST change if trajectory changes or shifts. There will be a paradigm shift from small to large, to large to small

Be Informed: Know the risk factors of COVID-19: Fever over 100.4, cough, difficulty breathing, elderly, pre- existing medical conditions: obesity, heart issues, diabetes, young children, cough, and exposure to those who may have had COVID-19

Prepare The Church:
1.Deep clean the ENTIRE Church (Keeping a detailed Cleaning Log).
2.Use CDC approved and recommended chemicals and disinfectants.
3.Pay close attention to nursery, pre-school, and Children’s areas.
4.Remove all items from the backs and under chairs.
5.No shaking hands, hugging, high-fives, etc. Social distancing of 6’ (6-foot) or more is necessary.
6.Indicate in your Sanctuary, through marking of chairs, where people can and cannot sit. Practice Social Distancing in the Sanctuary as well (Families may sit together). 7.Communicate with the Church, Congregation, and Community all the steps and precautions taken to insure people’s safety. Use words like: “Clean,” “Safe,” “Mindful of health needs,” “Preparation,” “Non-touch experience,” or similar...
8. There is ZERO PRESSURE. People MUST do what they are comfortable with for themselves and their families weather: In Sanctuary, online, Drive-in, etc...
9. Keep a detailed “Cleaning Log” for every area!
 11.Keep in communication with local authorities, Health officials, leadership, and current COVID-19 updates.
12. Establish a Health Team with licensed Health Officials (Like a Security Team).
13. Create a sick room should someone present with symptoms or get sick and send them home or to the Hospital quickly.
14. Post all schedules: On Campus, off Campus, online, etc...
15. Post CDC, COVID-19, Policies, and Safety signage.
16. Practice good hygiene.

Service Times and Locations: 
1.Keep the online options: Facebook Live, Zoom, YouTube, Website, and App.
2.Offer multiple Services to encourage a greater chance of Social Distancing.
3.Clean between each Service(s).
4.Keep Services as short as possible to help with attention spans, but also provide proper cleaning time.    
 5.Limit volunteers to those who are “Essential.”

Worship Services: 
1.CELEBRATE THE RETURN! Have fun with the return. Plan the “Comeback Services.” Be creative!
2.People from the same households may sit together.
3. If a Group is not from the same household, they must be spaced out (6’minimum). 4.Avoid passing microphones on the Platform.
5.Have people give tithe and offerings as they exit the Sanctuary (Provide a place(s) for giving). -Similar to what we have been doing during during Drive-in Services
6.Come up with fun and creative ways to meet and greet.
7.Clean the pulpit after every Service.
8.Have Greeters/Ushers hold all doors open for attendees.
9.Have those who attend enter through one door and exit through another. Similar to what we have been doing during during Drive-in Services
10.Dismiss in an orderly fashion.
11.Have people go directly to the Sanctuary and to their seats.
12. Clean high traffic areas and items—including doorknobs
13. Virtual options are NOT going away.
14.Offer gloves and masks or those who choose to wear them.
15. For now, 50% of capacity or less.

Amenities: Coffee, Bulletins, Hand Sanitizer      
1.Restrooms MUST be kept clean and sanitary. Post hand-cleaning Guidelines in the Restrooms.
2.Remove all Coffee stations, especially the Keurig in the Lobby.
3.Disable all water fountains.
4.Post signs about proper hand washing guidelines, social distancing, and aide.
 5.Provide hand sanitizer throughout the Church.
6.Supply masks and gloves for those who desire to use them.

1.Provide Security. Have indoor and outdoor Greeters. These greeters must be trained on flow of traffic, policies, procedures, guidelines, and answer questions.
2.Have greeters/ushers hold all doors open for all attendees.
3.Train, train, train...Be prepared for everything, including questions.
5. If people feel sick or run down, encourage them to stay at home or take a break.
6.Have a clear and concise plan to communicate quickly, efficiently and clearly.
7. How do we turn plans into action?
8. Report any and all illnesses.

Sunday School and Life Groups:
 1.Utilize Zoom
 2.Unless there are 10 people or less, all Sunday School and Life Groups will go to the Zoom Platform.
3.Communicate, communicate, communicate. “When will Groups begin or resume?” 4.Divide Groups if you can to assist with Social Distancing.
5.Groups can meet on Campus, providing they are 10 or less in number and get clearance through the Church Office, as the area will have to be clean and sanitized after usage. 6.HAVE A PLAN for your Leaders and Teachers. A clear plan.
7.Engagement is KEY!    
8. Communicate and connect.
9.Specialized online classes and content.
10. Zoom hangouts

Kid’s/Youth Ministry:
1.If you or anyone are wearing masks, its probably too soon to open your Children’s areas 2.If Schools have closed, what should we do with our Children’s Areas and Ministries? 3.When we offer Youth/Children’s Ministries again consider:
A: Pre-register Children so we know how many are in each room (5-10 max).
B: Limit leaders/adults in these Areas
C: Help the younger Children (Nursery/Pre.K) as they have been at home with mom and dad for 6-8 weeks and may suffer some separation anxiety.
D: Have one person handle Check-ins
E: Do NOT pass the Check-in devise.
F: Do NOT let anyone (Except K-Town Staff/Team) past the Check-in Point. Parents drop their Child/Children off at the Check-in, and a Staff Member will walk them to the appropriate Classroom.
G: Keep a detailed “Cleaning log” for each Children’s Space.
H: Keep developing and improving with your Team/Staff

Music Ministry, Sound, and Tech:
1.Consider Praise Team rotations
2.Wipe down music stands, microphones, instruments, computers, light boards, soundboard, and etc...after EVERY USE. Keep a detailed “Cleaning log” of each time each item was cleaned and what it was cleaned with.
3.Rotate Teams when and where possible.
4.Keep using online
5.Insure all CCLI and copyright policies/procedures are followed and subscriptions are current.

Dennis Watkins, Church of God Legal Council:
START acronym:
T-Team (Health Team and Cleaning Team. People who view these Teams as Ministry)
T-Think outside the box
Find a need or two in the Community and MEET THEM!
Prayer and connect cards
Go to “them.”
Adopt your City.

President Trump and Governor Lee have Phase Plans (Handouts).

Our Phases are:
Drive-in Three Services (Mix in a Drive-in Church?)
Two Services
One Service

**UPDATE: We are currently at our One Service phase.**
Sunday : 10:00am 
Nursery : Available for ages 0-3 years old
K-Town Children's Ministry : Available; Sunday's @ 10:00am
Anchor Youth Ministry: Available

Wednesday :Available @ 6:30pm

Adult Bible Study : Available
Anchor Student Ministry: Available ; Grades 6-12
Connect Class: Available
Romans Online : Available on our Facebook Page

Updated: September 8th, 2020

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Our Commitment to you!

Here is our commitment to you and your family from all of us here at The Well.  Also, this is some of the signage, that you will see around our building. This is to help give clear direction/guidance for your protection. We want to make sure that everyone is well prepared to get back into our beautiful building.

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