You Asked For It

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You Asked for It is our summer series that will address different questions that our congregation has asked about.  We will attempt to address each question in a sermon and will work our way through many different kinds of questions that have been asked.  We hope these questions will help address basic issues that many of us deal with that are not often addressed.

You Asked For It - Depression

In today’s message, Pastor Jason answers the question, “How do I deal with depression?”  You will find out that you may go through a season or even seasons of depression, but we must look toward the cross to help overcome our doubts and fears.

You Asked for It - When Will Trouble End

In today’s message Pastor Jason answers the question “When will Trouble End?”  We hope it helps you through some of life’s difficult circumstances.

You Asked For It - What is the Difference between Expiation and Propitiation

In today’s message, Keith Whitt answers a theological question “What is the difference between Expiation and Propitiation?  A great message that will challenge you to think a little deeper.

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