Season of Harvest

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The Season of Harvest for our church, our families, our lives is upon us.  We must look to the timeless principles in the Bible in order for us to reap the full harvest.  The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.  Let’s reap our harvest!

Season of Harvest Part 4

Part 4 of our series “Season of Harvest.”   The Bible tells us that if we have faith as a mustard seed we can say to the mountain move from here to there and it will move.  Are you planting seeds that produce fruit or are you planting seeds that cause things to die.

Season of Harvest Part 3

Part 3 of ours series “Season of Harvest.’  We look at the power of a seed and examine how such a little thing can create such a large impact.  What kinds of seeds are you planting?

Season of Harvest - Part 1

Part one of our series “Season of Harvest.” Today we look at the law of the first and the last as it applies to our harvest.  The tithe is always supposed to belong to God, but many times we stop there.  There is also a law of gleaning.  This is where we must get to in order to truly reap the harvest!

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