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To reset something is, literally, to set it back to its original purpose, its original design. When an electronic device is functioning in a less-than-optimal way, it can be reset it so that whatever was stuck gets unstuck and all the connections can run smoothly again. Similarly, when life is functioning in a less-than-optimal way, it can be reset too. This happens first on the inside, where our deep-seated cravings for significance and satisfaction live.

We can be fulfilled. We can be reset. When we say Yes to the Best, He gets control of our lives.

Reset - My Hands

God has called each of us to serve others. In fact this was what He came to eat for was to serve and to teach us how to serve.  Today we examine a story about men who used the their hands to get their friend to Jesus.  Whatever our hands find to do, do it with all of our might.

Reset - My Voice

What is in our heart is what comes out of our mouth.  The problem is that too many times we are not thinking the things that should be coming out of our mouths.  Today’s message asked Jesus to help us get control of what we say so that we can be an influence to those around.  There are people everywhere that need Him and we are the ones that are suppose to say something about it!

Reset - My Heart

In order for us to truly Reset our lives it all starts with the heart.  Our emotions, our actions, our responses all go back to the heart.  In today’s message we learn how to trust Jesus to reset our hearts.

Reset - My Mind

The thoughts that we think about ourselves, about others, about God can keep us from becoming who He has created us to be.  In today’s message we learn how to trust Jesus to Reset our minds.

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