By Faith

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This series will will focus on some of heroes of the Bible.  There are many people throughout the Bible that were tested and tried in many different ways, but it was their Faith and trust in God that allowed them to overcome the situations in their lives.


Part for of our Series By Faith.  We know that God has plan for us before we were even born, but this is especially true with Samson.  As we examine the story of a man that had great strength because of the Lord, we find out that even if it takes one more time God will always be our source.

By Faith - Joseph

Today we look at the life of Joseph.  We know that Joesph was a dreamer, but he had a tough pathway to actually see the dream God placed in his heart come to fulfillment.  Our lives are just the same.  We often times have to go through things in order to receive all that has been promised.  We must not give up on what has been promised.

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