Best Summer Ever

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Summer is here and we want you to have the best Summer ever.  This series will help you do just that.  We hope that you find one of these messages useful in having your best spiritual summer ever.

The Time is Now

We all have been given an assignment to help spread the good news of Christ.  We are called to serve His purpose.  Our time to do that is now.  We must get past the past and stop be afraid of what God has called us to do.  The Time is now.

The Thorn

There are many of us that have something that bothers us on a regular basis.  We look at this as a hindrance instead of seeing it as an opportunity.  Paul had a thorn, an unspoken issue that produced so much pain that he asked God three times to get rid of it.  We soon find out that the thorn might have been delivered by the enemy but it was packaged up by God.  We must let pain become the pathway to possibility.

Going after God in Difficult Times

There have been a numbers of tragedies over the last few weeks.  We know that seeing God id often hard during difficult times.  This message focuses on just that, going after God during those seasons of life.  We hope that you stay focused on the one thing that can get you through it.

Land of The Free

We live in a land that has tremendous freedoms.  They have been paid for and bought with a price.  Today’s message we look at what true freedom really looks like and where freedom comes from.

Best Summer Ever

Summer is here and we all like to travel during the summer.  This means packing bags, getting things together, waiting in lines and more.  When we travel we all carry things that we don’t need to and sometimes in our spiritual walk we do just the same.  We invite you to listen and check you bags in and leave them with God.

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