Additional Sermons

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This is a collection of various sermons on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from our Pastor and as well as other guest sepakers.

various sermons

It's Not Going to Be Easy

Have you ever been in the middle of life’s circumstances and wondered why God allowed you to get to a place that might produce pain, hurt, or more. Just know that every season of our lives God can be working to produce something inside of us that will become greater than we were before. When its not easy, just remember God is still working.

various sermons

Justin Sharpe

Justin Sharpe and Nation students come a share with us about being a church that comes together to accomplish the same goals.


Elisha St James

Elisha St James ministers in song and word.  The message is about restoring the soul.  Take a listen.

various sermons

And Then Some

Pastor Jason challenges us all to go the extra mile.  Do more than whats expected.  We must become an “And Then Some” church.


James Chapter 2

This is a Wednesday night class. Pastor Jason walks us through James 2.

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