When we look at sending praise to God, it most focus around our worship. We are created for this very purpose. When we worship we have the opportunity to encounter a God that is worthy of our praise. When we worship, we send our emotions and our love towards heaven. If we ever expect to receive all that God has for us we must send our up our praise and have an open line of communication with him.
So in order for us to worship the creator we must understand what true worship is. It is not an act that we may do on a Sunday morning after the fast songs, it is not saying I love you Lord on Sunday mornings and then living every day in the opposite, it is however a lifestyle. True worship is an outward expression of the heart. Not only does every person have a desire to worship, but every person does worship something. God created us to be people of worship, and until he becomes the true focus of our worship, our lives will remain meaningless. As we “delight ourselves in the Lord” we will discover the desires of our heart (Psalms 34: 4).

In Luke 7:36-50, we look closely at a woman who had the send part of her life down pat. She had a burning desire to send all that she had to him in hopes that he would then give her something far greater than she had ever received and in the end connecting with Him deeper than she ever had before. Our story begins as the woman finds out that Jesus is at a house and she drops everything and goes to this house. In verse 38 we see her begin the sending part towards him, it says that she stood at His feet and then we find her kneeling at His feet. She took steps to get to were she ended up:

  • She heard about him being there.
  • She dropped what she was doing and went to the house.
  • She stood besides Him.
  • She knelt at His feet.

We see her progression beginning at her burning desire to worship. She had a true love for Jesus. True love for something or someone will cause hindrances or pride to fade away. She didn’t care what others thought of her.

As the story moves on we see her continue in this act of worship as brings something of great importance with her to purposely use as a sacrifice of love towards Jesus. She knew that true worship would always require great sacrifice. She knew that with her true worship that true rewards would come, and she received all that they were. She received forgiveness, salvation, and peace (Luke 7:49-50).

Today we have to prepare our hearts to give worship to God: From this story we have the outline to how we should prepare our hearts to send up towards God.

  • We must separate ourselves from others so that we can find out were Jesus will be.
  • When we find out where he is we must put all things aside and get to that point.
  • We must humble ourselves before the lord in all that we do.
  • In our prayers and worship we must be willing to sacrifice some things in our life that are very important to us.
  • After the sacrifice we must thank Him for the forgiveness, the peace, and the salvation.

God help me to always give you all that is within me. Let me get to the point that nothing else matters, and lay everything else aside to get into your presence. Lord help me to listen for your voice, and to know Your will.