Have you ever just stopped to think about what kind of God we serve? I mean, our God is a God who knows all, formed all, and has never taken His eye off of one of us. I heard the phrase “my God doesn’t wear pajamas” and thought about how much God truly cares for us. He never takes a break from the action. He never takes a vacation from the stress. He always watches over us 24 hours a day. He has our best interests at heart. This is far more than we can say about ourselves.

I’m afraid that in the busy, rushed world we live in, we serve a God that desires for us to spend as much time with Him as we possibly can and yet we only can find just a few spare moments to squeeze in a memorized prayer. Nothing original, nothing heartfelt, just recited lines. Nothing we do is with much passion anymore. We go to our jobs, and can’t wait until time to get off. We spend time with family and feel like it is stressful. We go to church out of obligation, not commitment. It seems our only real communication with God is rehearsed, and often times just another checklist for the day. But why is this? We know God created us, but why then didn’t he wire us to want to spend time Him. It is simply out of His amazing, unconditional love for us that He didn’t. It is true God does desire for us to become more intimate with Him, but he would rather have 5 minutes that we choose to give Him, than an hour he wired us to give Him.

So why should this matter to us and what will we gain by spending this time with God? The answer is very simple. We have a chance of being close to the Father. We have someone who will go before us and fight our battles. We have one that will listen we are in need. We can have life and have it to the fullest. We can talk to Him anytime of the day, in any situation, good or bad. The fact that He never rests means, no matter what, when, or where, we can get to our Father. I know for me that is an answered prayer in itself, because there are times in which I just need someone to listen and desperately need the touch of the Master. I know from experience, that God never fails. He never lets me down. I have had to realize that praying His will be done, may be His timing, and His answers, but we always must remember, to get out of the way of what He may be doing!

The business of life will always bring us challenges as it comes to balancing our schedules, however we must not fail to plan a time of day that we can get alone with God. It is a must for anyone wanting to have a close relationship with God. This time will improve our communication with others, our reactions to issues that happen, and even our need to love our neighbors as Christ loved us. We must prioritize our lives so that our time with God is not a second thought, but it must be first and everything else can then fall in place.

God I thank you for always being available to me and my family. You are always there to hear me, and through it all you have shown your never ending love. Love that I never deserved. Please forgive me of the times I have failed You and help me have a desire to get to the place where I can daily hear your voice. I thank you for the answered prayers that I have seen in the last few weeks in our lives, our classes, and our church. Let your light shine through me and give me guidance and direction in all that I do. Amen.