The God of heaven will help us succeed.  We his servants, will start rebuilding the wall.  Nehemiah 2:20 

I was studying this passage of scripture today and realized what a daunting task pastoring a church can be.  I realized day after day I face challenges of leading people in not only their spiritual growth, but also their personal growth.  Growth requires change.  Change in diet, change in habits, change in circumstance.   Things cannot grow without the proper items in place.  So I began to think, what kind of growth had to happen in Nehemiah’s life that made him believe he had the task to rebuild the wall.  He didn’t have blueprints or even equipment to make things easier.  He didn’t have technology to show him how.  He had to rely on God.

In fact, the more I read into the story, Nehemiah wasn’t even an architect.  He didn’t have the training or background at all.  Up until this point in his life he was a cupbearer.  He tasted the King’s food in case it was poisoned.  Wow what a job.  But, now he was faced with a task he did not have any idea how it would turn out.  He could not see the end of the project, but He believed God could.  And since he was doing this for God, he knew God would lead him every step of the way.  As Nehemiah began to put plans in place, it required others to trust he was leading them the right way, and he had to equip people to do their portion of the wall.  He assigned specific tasks to specific people and it took each one doing their part to complete the wall.

Everyone took ownership of their sections, and even though they might have been doing something that none of them had done before, they knew this was a labor of love for the God they served, and He would lead and bless their efforts.

For us, as a church, we are about to have new challenges as growth is coming our way.  We may be asked to do things we have never done before, and may even question if we have the ability to do what is required of us.  We must allow these new opportunities not to make us quit, but allow it to stretch our faith, and help shape our future.  I know it wasn’t until I began to trust God for the things I did not have the knowledge of that He began to give me the plan.  It takes faith to make the first steps, and then we must trust God will complete the plan.

We must remember to stay confident in the process, even if we can’t even see the outcome.  He will always guide us to where He wants us to go.  Stay focused, and take ownership of what God has called you to do.